Sep. 26th, 2010

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The new fall TV season so far ...

Three episodes in and Terriers continues to be my favorite new show. Otherwise, the networks seem to have done me a favor by not putting out any great new shows that I absolutely have to watch. So thanks, I guess, for being so considerate of my busy schedule.

Nikita )

Hawaii 5-0 )

Chase )

Undercovers )

Lone Star )

As for the comedies, I always feel like they take a little longer to find their feet than the dramas, so I don't like to rush to judgment until I've seen a few episodes. Remember how bad the 30 Rock pilot was? Yeah, me too. Or how about those first few episodes of The Office? *shudder*

$#*! My Dad Says )

Raising Hope )

Running Wilde )

Outsourced )

Shows I deleted without even bothering to watch: Hellcats, Mike & Molly, Better With You, Outlaw, The Event, My Generation.

Shows still waiting for me to watch or to admit I'm not going to get around to watching: Detroit 1-8-7, The Whole Truth, Blue Bloods.

Seriously, could they not come up with any more lawyer or cop shows? I feel like there just aren't enough of those on TV these days. *eyeroll*

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