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Moving on, Saturday was the day of the Heroes panel, which should have been in the cavernous Hall H, but NBC was apparently afraid that if there were any empty seats they’d look bad, so it was in the way too small Ballroom 20. Which meant that people were lining up at 7:00 a.m. to get in, and since we started the day at Pushing Daisies, we did not get in for Heroes. Which was bad mostly because Ballroom 20 was where all the rest of the good panels were on Saturday, and after waiting in line for a few hours we started to get worried that we weren’t going to be able to get in for any of them.

To illustrate, here’s a five-minute video of someone walking along the entire length of the line. Yes, it’s exactly that exciting. (And I suspect we’re probably in there somewhere, although I watched it through once and didn’t manage to spot us.)

Battlestar Galactica )

Futurama )

Spotlight on Joss Whedon )

Buffy sing-a-long )

A surprisingly good panel )

Cartoon voices )

The Jericho panel I didn’t go to )

Booze cruise! )
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Yes, I know, I’ve been terrible about posting my Comic-con reports in a timely manner. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. I’ve been totally procrastinating and letting myself get distracted (by my obsessive new love for Jericho and by fic writing), but I’m just gonna buckle down and blow through the rest of it today, because there’s some really cool stuff left.

For starters, I realized that I forgot to mention that my tradition of being stalked by Joss Whedon continues. You know how he was in our hotel two years ago? And then last year we switched to a different hotel and didn’t get to see Joss anymore (but Seth Green was down the hall from us and had a lovely chat with the munchkin on the elevator). Well this year we were at the same hotel as last year and lo(!) and behold(!), Joss apparently missed us because he was at the same hotel as us. We saw him twice at breakfast and once on the elevator. I didn’t try to talk to him except for a rather awkward exchange on the elevator where I offered to punch in his floor for him since he seemed to be having trouble locating his room key (which you need to make the elevator buttons work), and he realized he didn’t have his key at all and got off again. Either that or he thought I was a crazy psycho fan trying to suss out what floor he was on and he didn’t want to be trapped in a small metal box with me. Whatever. There were, however, no Seth Green encounters this year, which is a Comic-con first for me. I guess he’s passed the stalking baton back to Joss.

Also (and this is not so much Comic-con related as new fall TV related, but I’m including it here anyway), the lovely B brought a few pilot screeners for us to watch. Sadly, we were so tired most nights we only got to watch one of them. The one we picked to watch was Chuck, because it has Adam Baldwin and because none of us were able to go to the panel for it the next day.

Chuck )

Okay, so back to Comic-con proper. The first panel of the day on Saturday was Pushing Daisies. Ya’ll, this show is FANTASTIC. Everyone must watch it. I’m not kidding. If each and every one of you doesn’t watch this show I will find out and there will be consequences. Dire consequences. It’s almost certainly the best new show of the season. Possibly the best new show of the last two seasons.

Pushing Daisies )
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First things first... while I was away last week I missed the birthday of [livejournal.com profile] carmen_sandiego and [livejournal.com profile] snowdrifted. I hope ya'll had a lovely day filled with cupcakes and knitting and no thesis/job search/moving stress. *hugs*

Before I get into my Comic-con report, please enjoy this picture of Kaylee, who is just as nifty as her namesake...

Prius! )

Okay, so, we got into San Diego on Tuesday afternoon, met up with [livejournal.com profile] mikijean at the airport and spent a lovely, lazy evening in the Gaslamp District before the crowds hit town. Wednesday we took the munchkin to Sea World, which was tons of fun, until Mr. Sus lost his glasses on the Shipwreck Rapids and had to catch a cab back to the hotel and go in search of a one-hour optician. But the munchkin had a blast.

So long, and thanks for all the fish )

Later that evening we headed over to Preview Night. The exhibition hall was insanely crowded and there was less cool swag than previous years. Overall, not my favorite part of the con. Little did we know, the crowds were only going to get worse. Much worse. But there were a few cool booths...

The Golden Compass and more )

Battlestar Galactica Forum )

Rosario Dawson )

Torchwood )
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In a couple of hours we will be boarding a plane for sunny San Diego. Average high temperature for the week: 73 degrees. Ahhhhhh bliss. Tomorrow: Sea World. Thursday through Sunday: Comic-con! I'll be back next week with celeb sightings, panel reports and pictures!
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OMG yay! The complete Comic-con programming schedule is out! So many cool panels, so many decisions to make. How will I ever choose?

Should I, for instance, go to Joss Whedon's panel, or to the Superbad preview to see Michael Cera? Do I go to the sneak peek screening of Pushing Daisies or The Bionic Woman?

I am definitely going to make a point of going to one of Neil Gailman's panels since I missed him last year. I also really want to go to the Warner Bros. panel because they are not only doing Watchmen, but also Get Smart, so Steve Carell might be there. Not sure I'm going to bother with The Simpsons since the producers were such shits at the panel last year. I will, however, try to make it to the Lost panel and the Battlestar Galactica panel and the Kevin Smith Q&A if I can squeeze them in.

Now, if ya'll will excuse me, I have spreadsheets to make!
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I am back safe and sound from San Diego and mostly recovered from the time change and the general exhaustion. The munchkin had a great birthday, the San Diego zoo rocked, my back benefited from all the extra walking and an awesome time was had at Comic-con.

Sadly, Joss Whedon didn't stalk me this year, although I did pass him once in the exhibition hall as he was wending his way through the crowd towards the California Browncoats booth. Our hotel seemed to be chock full of notable persons, though. We rode on the elevator with--at various times--Seth Green (whose room was down the hall from ours), Kazuo Koike, and Scott Kurtz. Also spotted at our hotel were Rosario Dawson and Jason Lewis (checking in) and Marv Wolfman (eating dinner). We also saw Aaron Williams at a restaurant one night and the next day when Mr. Sus talked to him at the con he said we should have come over and joined him. But the best celeb encounter of all was when Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol!) winked at me and Richard Hatch offered the munchkin gum.

The panels didn't seem to be quite as good this year. Honestly, I think my favorite was the Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain panel because I got to hear Rob Paulsen sing Yakko's countries of the world song and Jess Harnell sing Wakko's state capitals song. I also went to panels for The Simpsons, Battlestar Galactica, Bones, Veronica Mars, and The Tick, and I'll try to organize the interesting tidbits I can remember into some kind of post. Unlike last year, we didn't end up going to many of the big movie studio panels, with the exception of the WB presentations.

I've been trying to skim over my flist to catch up with ya'll. It sounds like the WriterConners had a fantabulous time in Atlanta and I can't wait to go back and read more about it.
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Lest ya'll think I've disappeared off the face of the earth, I thought I ought to post an update. I have been (mostly) keeping up with my flist, but haven't been doing much commenting.

Mostly it's been my back that's kept me away. See, for a while it was a lot better, so I was busy catching up with all the stuff I hadn't been able to do while I was laid up. But then a couple weeks ago it got worse again for no reason I can figure out. So between that and catching a cold, I've been spending a lot of time lying on my back rather than sitting at the computer. And when I haven't been lying down I've been madly knitting, trying to finish my knee socks in time to wear them at Comic-con. I've got sock one completed and I'm just about to start the heel flap on sock two, so I think I might make it.

Speaking of Comic-con, only six days until we leave! SQUEE! We're arriving in San Diego on Tuesday evening so we can spend all day Wednesday at the zoo with the munchkin for her birthday. Tonight I'm going to start on my famous Comic-con spreadsheet because it's important to prioritize and organize the fun. I promise to post recaps and pics here for everyone just like I did last year.

Oh, and for those who remember my dad's trip to the E.R. a few weeks ago, he seems to be fine now. We're thinking the pain was caused by an intramuscular bruise.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go work on my Comic-con spreadsheet.
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First off, happiest of happy birthday wishes to [livejournal.com profile] mcsister!

Secondly, before I forget, I've been meaning to pimp [livejournal.com profile] carmen_sandiego's Mal/Inara Ficathon. She tells me there's a serious shortage of good Mal/Inara fic in the world, and I believe her, so head over to [livejournal.com profile] truthsome_fic pronto and let's see what we can do to rectify this situation. Only two weeks left until sign-ups close!

On other fronts, there's good news and there's bad news. The first piece of bad news is that my laptop is on the fritz again and Mr. Sus suspects it may be shuffling off this mortal coil. The good news is that later today I'm going over to Best Buy to play with new laptops and see what I like. Yay! New laptop! My old one is three years old and was refurbished when I got it, so it'll be nice to have a zippy new fancy one.

The other good news is that yesterday we made our hotel reservations for Comic-con! SQUEE!!!!! The bad news, however, is that the hotel where we stayed last year and had our various encounters with Joss Whedon was already totally booked. But we've got reservations at the Marriott Gaslamp which looks to be about as nice and nearly as conveniently located, and who knows, maybe Joss will follow us there. (He's totally stalking me, ya'll. Really, he is.)

Oh, and Tuesday's Gilmore Girls was unforgivably bad. Really awful. Blech. Daniel Palladino needs to be strung up by his toes.
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Comic-con Report: Sunday

Okay, I realize this is nearly an entire month overdue, but finally, here it is, the recap of our last day at San Diego Comic-con. Sunday was an easy day, not quite as crowded as the day before and not nearly as crammed with stuff we absolutely had to do.

The day started with a surprise at breakfast. While we were eating in the hotel restaurant, Joss Whedon wandered into the dining room looking for a table. The urge to raise my hand and wave him over to our table was almost overwhelming, but fortunately I restrained myself. And despite the fact that I had been carrying around my Astonishing X-Men book the entire con in the faint hope of an autograph opportunity, I didn't choose to bug him during his breakfast. We did, however, spend the rest of the meal whispering excitedly over the fact that Joss was staying in the same hotel as us.

After that we met up with B and D over at the Convention Center and told them about our latest Joss sighting. Then D and Mr. Sus headed out in search of cool comic books while B, M and I went back to Hall H for the Doom panel.

What business does a wrestling star have in the Riddermark? )

The Lion, the Props and the Effects Supervisor )

Hell Hats to giant yellow monsters )

Joss is totally stalking me )
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Comic-con Report: Saturday (Part 2)

Slither )

Serenity )

Underworld: Evolution )

The Fog )

Ghost Rider )

Stealth )

Kong! )

Tenacious D! )

To be continued...

(Up next: Richard Taylor! Richard Taylor! Richard Taylor! And Karl Urban!)
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Comic-con Report: Saturday

Saturday, a.k.a. day three of Comic-con, was spent entirely inside the cavernous Hall H. M and I had staked out this 6,500 seat auditorium the day before when we'd attended the Warner Bros. presentation, so we had an idea of how long the line would be, where the best seats were, where the bathrooms were located, etc. On Saturday we got up early and got into the line for Hall H at 8:00 a.m.

This meant, of course, that we missed the "Lost" panel, which was the same morning. We were seriously torn on this, especially because, not only was Josh Holloway going to be there for "Lost," but they were also doing previews of the upcoming "Invasion" and Frank Spotnitz's "Nightstalker," which I would have liked to see. But we finally decided that since we'd already seen the "Lost" cast in person at the Paley Festival, it was more important to get into Hall H early to secure seats for all the other great panels happening there later in the day.

And I'm glad we did, because our seats? Were awesome. We were only about 15 rows back on the left side, right behind the Q&A mic, so not only did we have a great view of the panelists all day, but they were essentially looking right at us most of the time. We'd planned ahead, too, and come armed with snacks, drinks and blankets, which was handy because it was freaking arctic in that room, even with 6,500 people crammed in there.

Before each panel began they made a series of announcements including a warning about flash photography and a plea for everyone to please extinguish their lightsabers. Yes, we are in the promised land.

Superman Returns )

And then came the moment we'd all been waiting for: he showed us a reel of footage edited together by the film's co-writer, Dan Harris. None of the effects shots are done, so it was mostly character stuff, but... wow. When it was over, the audience went mad and gave Singer a standing ovation. You could practically see the smoke rising off the Blackberries and Palm Pilots over in the VIP section.

Aeon Fluxes )

Silent Bob Speaks )

To be continued...

(Up next: Hey, that dude is Kirk's brother!)

P.S. I finished Harry Potter on Saturday! Go me!
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Comic-con Report: Friday (Part 3)

After we'd all gotten an eyeful of David Boreanaz, and picked up our "Bones" swag on the way out the door (a pen shaped like a bone and a bookmark with DB's lovely visage!) we went our separate ways. M was already over in the Adult Swim panel, desperately texting us because "Bones" had run over. B and D headed over to check into their hotel. Mr. Sus decided to wander around some more and I headed over to Room 6 to check out my chances of getting into Adult Swim late.

Turns out, I managed to slip in after only a brief wait and wedged myself into a seat towards the back. I know most of ya'll don't watch the Adult Swim lineup on Cartoon Network, but you should (if you're over the age of 17, that is). It's totally disturbing and wrong, but wicked funny.

On the panel were Keith Crofford, VP of Adult Swim production, Matt Maiellaro and Dave Willis, creators of the awesome "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of the awful "Tom Goes to the Mayor," and Seth Green (yes, that Seth Green) and Matt Senreich, creators of the terrific "Robot Chicken."

Unfortunately, had it not been for the fact that Seth Green is totally freaking hilarious, the panel would have been a complete bust. Keith Crofford seemed bored and disdainful and unaffected by the audience's enthusiasm. The "Aqua Teen" guys were sullen and barely talked at all (we later speculated that they're not used to being sober). And no one asked any questions of the "Tom Goes to the Mayor" guys because apparently a lot of people hate their show (and, dude, if the Adult Swim audience thinks your show is bad, it's BAD).

The best news gleaned from the panel is that season two of "The Venture Bros." is in production, to air next summer. And the season one DVDs will also likely be out then as well.

At one point, Keith Crofford was talking about "Sealab 2021" and held up a copy of the season three DVD that recently came out. Seth Green reached over and snatched it out of his hand and stuffed it down the front his shirt, to which Keith said, "I guess that's Seth's copy." I mention this only because it will be relevant later. Trust me.

Anyway, after the panel we got the best swag of the entire con: Mooninites knee socks! (If you're wondering what Mooninites are, they're the dudes up there in my icon. Watch "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"! Unless you're easily offended or grossed out, in which case, don't.)

Afterwards, I met up with M and Mr. Sus (who'd ended up slipping into the panel, too) and we headed outside to call the munchkin before she went to bed. Unfortunately, the exhibition hall had just closed for the night and all of the panels had let out, so everyone else who'd attended Comic-con that day headed outside with us.

And then, while we were standing in front of the convention center talking to the munchkin on the phone, Seth Green came outside with a few other people and stood right next to us to wait for his ride. He was sort of surrounded by people and on the verge of being mobbed so we didn't talk to him or anything, but I got to tell the munchkin that I was standing next to Oz the werewolf, which made her very, very happy. And I think Seth might have overhead me because he looked over and smiled when I said that.

Anyway, Seth's ride finally came and he left. At this point I was on the phone with my mother-in-law, who was trying to tell me about the munchkin's day. And then I noticed that Mr. Sus and M had struck up a conversation with Matt Senreich, co-creator of "Robot Chicken."

Apparently he'd lost his friends in the crowd and his girlfriend had his cell phone, so M loaned him hers. To thank her, he offered her this "Sealab" DVD he was holding and I'm almost positive that it's the one Seth Green had stuffed down his shirt. Only M was sitting so far back at the panel that she'd missed that part and TURNED IT DOWN! I, meanwhile, am powerless to intervene because I'm still on the phone with the MIL, who has chosen this moment to ask me how to work our DVD player.

Eventually Matt's friends wandered up--and they were all Adult Swim writers--and he introduced us to them as his "new friends." Meanwhile, I'm STILL ON THE PHONE because now the MIL is reciting the names of everyone who's RSVPed to the munchkin's b-day party even though I can barely hear her with all the crowd noise and I'm going to die if I don't get off the damn phone before Matt leaves.

Finally, the MIL figured out that maybe when I'm surrounded by 50,000 people isn't the best time for a long conversation and I got off the phone in time to say hi to Matt and tell him how much I like his show.

After that we went back to the hotel and crashed for a few minutes before heading over to Little Italy for a fantastic dinner with B and D.

And so concludes Day Two of Comic-con.

To be continued...

(Up next: Oh, my aching ass: twelve hours in Hall H)
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Comic-con Report: Friday (Part 2)

After squeeing about our Joss sighting for a few minutes, B and I went to the "Battlestar Galactica" panel. Neither of us has watched the new show, but it was an interesting panel nonetheless. The cast members were fun and articulate and the trailer for season two looked cool. Also, I had not previously realized that there are many, many hot men on that show. I think I may start watching it. The only real scoop I can remember from the panel is that Battlestar Pegasus and Commander Kain are going to make an appearance this season, which means something if you watched the original series. Again, if any of ya'll are BSG fans and want to know specifics, just shoot me a question and I'll do my best.

Then came the event I was most looking forward to that day--the "Bones" panel. B and I elbowed our way through the sea of fangirls to claim some prime seats near the front of the room. They screened the entire pilot for us (yay!) and then David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel came out for a Q&A.

Would you sing Mandy for us? )

DB was looking exceptionally hot, even for him. And after seeing him in person I am ever so slightly more impressed with his acting skillz because he is really nothing at all like Angel. In fact, I'd say he's a lot more like Angelus, i.e., playful, attention-seeking, humorous, hyper, and kind of obnoxious. At one point he went off on some bizarre riff on all the things that he and his "Bones" character have in common, which includes a fondness for trucks, Slim Jims, power tools, leather recliners, and ice water. There was also something about wanting to put his tongue into the blades of a fan. I don't know, don't ask me. Mr. Sus thought he was drunk, but I have a suspicion this might be "normal" for him. But he was amusing, and did a decent job with the fangirls and their relentless questions about his last TV gig. There was only one moment when he actually seemed annoyed:

QUESTION: Is there a chance that any of the cast of Angel will make a guest appearance on "Bones"? Specifically James Marsters?
DB: *grits teeth* No. *forces a smile* Absolutely not.

Can I have a hug? )

The "Bones" pilot itself was decent. A bit uneven, but then pilots often are. It's more character-driven than most procedurals which makes for a nice change from all the CSIs and L&Os on the airwaves. The cast was appealing, the supporting characters were interesting, the leads had some nice chemistry, and most of the funny bits were actually funny. There were some pacing problems, but overall I'd call it a positive viewing experience. I'll definitely be tuning in this fall.

Pleeeeeze? Just one chorus of Mandy? )

For anyone familiar with Kathy Reichs' books and wondering how closely the series is going to hew to them, Emily Deschanel indicated that her character was sort of a combination of Temperance Brennan and Kathy Reichs herself. I'm guessing they also just made a bunch of stuff up, but Reichs is a consultant on the show and actively involved in the production. Couldn't say how faithful it is, though, as I've never read any of the books.

To be continued...

(Up next: That's Seth Green standing behind me, isn't it?)
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Comic-con Report: Friday

Our second day at San Diego Comic-con started out with a ride in the hotel elevator with Boba and Jango Fett. There is something surreal about stepping onto an elevator and hearing Boba Fett's electronically-modulated voice ask, "What floor?"

Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold )

M and I left Mr. Sus to his comic shopping and headed over to Hall H for the big Warner Bros. presentation. First we got a look at the trailer for V for Vendetta and a Q&A with Natalie Portman, Joel Silver, and David Lloyd, who co-wrote the graphic novel with Alan Moore. It was mostly full of lovestruck fanboys asking poor bald Natalie stupid questions (one dumb schmuck asked her about her work in The Mighty Ducks, which of course she wasn't in). After that painful experience we got a 10-minute scene from Corpse Bride--which looks amazing, by the way--introduced by a recorded greeting from Tim Burton, and a brief Q&A with producers Allison Abbate and Mike Johnson.

Look at that line! Let's go get in it and find out what it's for )

Then was the shiny new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer put together just for Comic-con (which was so new it still had some unrendered effects and animatics in it). It was preceded by a pre-recorded introduction by Mike Newell from the set. I'd try to describe to ya'll all the cool new stuff that was in it (like Mad-Eye Moody, Harry asking Cho to the dance, etc.), but I'm sure there are more qualified fans on the internets who have already provided better analyses of it than I could. If any of you HP fans have specific questions, ask me and I'll see if I can conjure any better details from memory.

Finally, we got a trailer and a clip from The Fountain, starring Hugh Jackman. It was... weird, but interesting looking. Some kind of time-jumping, sci-fi/romance thing that didn't really make any sense because they don't want to give away too much of the plot. The Q&A with Rachel Weisz and director Darren Aronofsky was pretty interesting, though. There were a lot of dedicated Aronofsky fans who asked decent, thought-provoking questions that gave us a nice break from all the "You're, like, soooo pretty," questions we usually got whenever an attractive celeb was in the room. Oh, and we got a cute taped greeting from Hugh Jackman and... yeah, okay, he was, like, soooo pretty.

Then we went out into the exhibition hall to meet up with D and B, who'd driven up from L.A. for the weekend. We also cruised by the Dark Horse Comics booth and M got Michael Chabon to autograph her copy of Kavalier and Clay for her.

After that she and D headed up to the "Veronica Mars" panel. In case you care and haven't heard yet, Charisma Carpenter was at the panel because she's going to be joining the cast of VM next season. B and I didn't go to that one, though, because we haven't seen all of season one and didn't want to be spoiled. Instead, we decided to wander around the exhibition hall some more. And while we were doing that, who should walk right by us, but Joss Whedon! He was just cruising around, pretty much unnoticed (except for these two crazy chicks who followed him for a couple of aisles *grin*), checking out the con like every other comics lover there.

Aren't you a little short for a Darth Vader? )

To be continued...

(Next up: "Battlestar Galactica" and "Bones")
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We're back from Comic-con, and WOW, am I exhausted. I've got tons to tell ya'll about, but it'll have to wait because tomorrow is the munchkin's birthday and the MIL is here until Wednesday and I probably won't get around to typing any of it up before then. All the really juicy news is already out anyway (like about Liam Neeson voicing Aslan), but I've got some stories to tell and some pictures to share. Stay tuned...

P.S. I still haven't even bought HP yet, so thanks to all of ya'll for being so good about the LJ cuts.
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All I have to say is... )
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Comic-con Report: Thursday

Sus here, reporting from Comic-con Day One. The convention floor is a mad house, full of geeks, fangirls and wildly-dressed folks all maneuvering for the best swag. The swag itself is so-so. Mr. Sus scored an inflatable Conan the Barbarian sword, and I got a "Lois and Clark" Superman cape. M got elbowed in the back by a woman diving for a "Greatest American Hero" button. Cool costume sightings include Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Ash, all four Ghostbusters, Bender and Leela, and Marv, Kevin and Hartigan from Sin City.

Our first panel of the day was with a bunch of DVD producers, which turned out to be more interesting than I expected. We got some scoop on a few upcoming DVDs, plus an interesting perspective on DVD special editions from the guys who actually put them together. And Peter Jackson and Bryan Singer both recorded special Q&A's for the panel, which was sweet. One of the guys who was there is producing the Superman Returns DVD and alluded that Bryan Singer's got big things planned for Saturday's sneak peak.

Then we got a first-look at the trailer for Richard Linklater's upcoming A Scanner Darkly and watched a scene from the film, which looks absolutely amazing. And we scored free t-shirts! They also had an animatronic Philip K. Dick android on the panel. He was supposedly built with artificial intelligence so he could answer questions, but he was not so much with the intelligence. The guys on the panel kept trying to ask him questions, and his face would twitch creepily and he'd answer with something random, like "Do you speak any foreign languages?" And then when they tried to ask him a question about Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? he launched into this hysterical disjointed monologue about Bladerunner, with absolutely no pauses for punctuation, that just went on and on and on. You had to be there, but the entire room was doubled over laughing at poor android Phil Dick.

After that we cruised around a bit more and stopped off to meet Dean Haglund, who was super nice and friendly. Mr. Sus bought a copy of his self-published comic book about the cancellation of "The Lone Gunmen" and had him sign it for me. Other celeb sightings include John Landis, Amber Benson, Kenny Baker, Ray Park and Peter Mayhew.

Then it was back up to the meeting rooms for the best panel of the day: Bruce Campbell. He's a terrific speaker, and absolutely hilarious. And he's got a huge following--the room was packed to capacity and we were glad we'd gotten there early to secure seats.

We're chilling back at the hotel right now, but in a bit we're off again to watch some of the Kung-Fu Superhero Extravaganza and then to find some dinner.

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