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I had the craziest dreams last night. First, I dreamed that I was making out with [livejournal.com profile] austin360. And then I snuck out and made out with John Krasinski. And then I dumped her because he was a way better kisser. Which probably has more to do with his Y chromosome than any kissing deficiency on her part. But he was VERY good.

And then I had a Firefly dream where I was Kaylee, which is weird because usually when I dream about TV shows, I'm still me rather than one of the characters. But I was Kaylee. And Jayne betrayed the crew to some bad guys and I had a chance to kill him, but I didn't, because I'm Kaylee and I couldn't. And then the bad guys told Jayne to kill me, only he couldn't do it either. So he pretended to kill me and then I did some mechanical thing to Serenity which scared off all the bad guys and saved the whole crew. But it was kinda harrowing because at one point I thought Jayne really was going to kill me.

That's a lot of dreaming for one night.
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For those who care, tonight's episode of Battlestar Galactica was written by the fabulous Jane Espenson, which has me very excited. Maybe I'll finally be able to get into this season. Yes, I know, I'm probably one of only three people in the world who didn't love last week's episode, but there it is.

Also, in all the news about Flanvention, I almost missed this: Firefly Reborn as Online Universe. A Firefly MMORPG? Someone out there loves me.
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My heart goes out to all the Flanvention folks who got screwed with their pants on by Booster Events. Mad props, however, to the California Browncoats for hustling to make the best of a bad situation and to the Browncoats everywhere who are opening their wallets to help them out. And even more props to Adam Baldwin for showing up anyway.

I'm also sending out lots of snoogles and healthy thoughts to [livejournal.com profile] kelbelle, who is one of the bravest and most amazing women I know.

I made some pumpkin bread last night using the Libby's recipe, but it's only okay. Anyone got a totally kick-ass recipe they'd like to share?

This week's Studio 60, by the way? Really damn good. And you know why? Aaron did almost all of my Five Things. I'm just saying. Also, I didn't think it was possible within the bounds of the physical world as we understand it for Bradley Whitford to be any more adorable than he already was, but apparently I was wrong. Damn.

I've been watching a ton of Scrubs on Comedy Central and falling in love with that show all over again. They reran the episode where Carla finds out she's pregnant on Wednesday, and then last night's new episode on NBC was Carla finally having the baby. Why isn't this show the number one comedy and completely weighed down with Emmys? There is no justice. At least NBC is (sort of) keeping it around, albeit intermittently.
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The Serenity trailer is out !!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! ) Anyone who hasn't seen Firefly--especially those last three episodes that Fox didn't deign to air--needs to go Netflix it. The show could be a little uneven at times, and I have some issues with the Space Ho (TM Mr. Sus), but it was hella fun and the series finale was really, really good.

In other news, Gilmore Girls did not suck last night. Yay! Also? Rory + Logan = Adorableness. And Cooking!Luke is totally hot. Something about the way his hair was curling in the back under his baseball cap last night was extra super yummy.

And for poor [livejournal.com profile] austin360 and anyone else who wants it, here's "Cells" by The Servant (that awesome song from the Sin City trailer). WARNING: this song will get stuck it your head. But it totally rocks, so it's okay.


And since I'm uploading stuff, here's a demo of "Assknocker" by Bob Schneider. WARNING: this song is DIRTY! (In case you couldn't infer that from the title.)


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