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I have fallen shamefully behind on my television posting. I have not, however, fallen too badly behind on the actual television watching. It helps that I've had a lot of stuff I needed to do around the house this week that I could do while some of the crappier, more boring shows played in the background.

The Bionic Woman is not getting any better and Isiah Washington is abysmally bad. That scene where he's fighting Jamie was just embarrassing. And it's not even all his fault--the dialogue was so bad it made me wonder if David Eick wrote it that way on purpose to make Isiah look like an idiot. If so, mission accomplished. Unfortunately, I'm also starting to suspect David Eick might be kind of an idiot, too.

Journeyman is still boring, but I'm growing fond of the the flashbacks, and not just because they give me an escape from the frowny wife and dick brother. It's fun the way they use music and a few visual clues to establish the year, and that they're flashing back primarily to years that I remember well. I like trying figure out what year it is before the main character does. I knew, for instance, the moment they started playing "Roam" by the B-52s and panned across a Field of Dreams marquee that it was 1989.

So, was The Office made of love this week or what? Okay, I totally could have done without the whole pizza boy plotline and probably it would have been a tighter show if it had been cut down to 1/2 hour, but still. That was some fantastic television, people. They really seem to be excelling in their fourth season. And I adore the way they're handling the Jim/Pam stuff--thank you, Greg Daniels for proving to the the world that a happy couple can, in fact, be funny *and* fun to watch. Oh, and Bruce Fretts obviously needs to go into a different line of work.

Speaking of shows that were starting to suck a little bit, I enjoyed last night's Friday Night Lights a lot more than the premiere. Yes, I still want to punch Julie in the throat, and yes, I hate that they've taken my two favorite characters (and two of the most amazing young actors on the show) and given them the lamest, most trite, out of character storyline possible. Still, they're acting the hell out of that bad storyline and I get a little bit excited whenever they're in a scene together. And yes, I may have squeed a little bit at the ending last night.
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I've been blowing through Friday Night Lights as fast as Netflix can ship it to me, and I'm loving it. It's such a well-done show, beautifully shot, amazingly acted and wonderfully written. And it's an almost frighteningly accurate portrait of pretty much exactly what my own high school experience in Texas was like, from the ramshackle ranch-style houses and afternoons at the Alamo Freeze/Dairy Queen to the homecoming mums and simmering undercurrents of racism running through the community.

Because everything's shot on location it all looks incredibly natural and real in a way you don't often get on television. Not to mention the fact that it's fun to pick out locations I recognize around Austin. EZ's, the restaurant where the team hangs out, is close to our old house in Austin and the original location in San Antonio was one of our primary hangouts in college, so every time they shoot a scene there I get all nostalgic.

And even though football is a running theme throughout the show, it's not a show about football. Hell, I hate football, so if I can love this show you know there's more to it. I realized yesterday what the show reminds me of--it's like My So-Called Life set in Texas. It's this incredibly real look at high school life that's so poignant and addictive you can't look away. And like MSCL, it's populated by a cast of vivid, lovable, messed-up characters who make you laugh even as they're breaking your heart.

My only big quibble with the show is the alarming shortage of Mexicans. Our Hispanic population is a huge part of our state's culture, but the only Hispanic character was violent thug who disappeared after a couple of episodes. Not cool, Jason Katims.

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