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Happy happy birthday wishes to the delightful [livejournal.com profile] qill13! May it be a fantastic day full of lots of love and cake and Apollo and Goren!

Am v. excited because my Angel Scriptbook Vol. 2 just arrived from Amazon. Smile Time! You're Welcome! Not Fade Away! I Will Remember You! Could there *be* any more awesome in one book? It's possible I've gone back to working on some old Angel fics.

Hmmm. There was something else I was gonna post about, but in my excitement over the script book I seem to have forgotten what it was.

Oh yeah! I was gonna say that I've actually enjoyed the last few episodes of Gilmore Girls, believe it or not. They've been pretty much about nothing, but have had some really nice character moments. And frankly I prefer episodes about nothing to the clumsy plot manipulations we had to suffer through last season. Also, Melissa McCarthy is one of the most beautiful women on television.

Okay, now I'm off to read the part about Angel and Spike and the big dragon...
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It's a crisp 73 degrees outside and Einstein Bros. has pumpkin bagels again. Yep, my favorite season is officially here. Unfortunately, the gorgeous weather seems to be giving me allergies, which is not awesome.

I almost completely forgot about the Gilmore Girls premiere last night, ya'll. My TiVo is set to record House and I'd meant to either pop in a tape or watch GG live but I damn near forgot all about it. Honestly, I can barely remember how the show ended last season, except I distinctly remember hating every single character.

Not really spoilery comments but whatever )
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I've finally retired my Buffy Park mood theme in favor of [livejournal.com profile] goldie_gal's lovely Firefly mood theme. I'll miss the Buffy Park, but it was time for a change and I figured since I've had the Big Damn Heroes on the brain so much lately it should be them. Speaking of, the Big Damn Fic is done and I did it! It's off to my beta and then just a round of final revisions and it'll be ready for posting. It, uh, clocked in at 22,000 words. Yes, I'm a freak, stop looking at me like that.

In other random news, I enjoyed Tuesday's Gilmore Girls more than any episode, probably in the last two seasons. I wasn't thrilled about the Lane/Zach marriage to begin with, but the wedding was just so damn sweet and funny that I couldn't help but love them.
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So, weirdly enough, I didn't hate Gilmore Girls last night, despite the fact that it was a Daniel Fucking Palladino episode. What's up with that? Not that I loved it or anything, because the show's still moving in a direction I don't care to go, but at least there were several amusing moments. And Luke gets less likable by the episode, while Jess, of all people, is suddenly the most interesting character on the show. What the hell? And will someone please punch Rory in the face so she'll stop being such a hateful, childish brat? Please?

And Veronica Mars was just... whoa. I Am God )
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Ya'll I am so over Gilmore Girls. It's not even that Tuesday's ep was all that bad, I'm just so tired of it. It's not fun anymore and I don't even care what happens to the characters.

I did read this thing the other day implying that the reason they've kept Luke and Lorelai at arm's length this season is because Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham don't get along and have terrible physical chemistry. Is this true? I've never paid much attention to GG behind-the-scenes gossip, but I guess it wouldn't surprise me. I have noticed that Scott Patterson's seemed really stiff all season, and every time he has to interact with Lauren Graham it's like he thinks she's made of glass and if he gets too close or touches her she'll break or something. And I do think the flatness of the Luke/Lorelai dynamic has something to do with my growing lack of interest in the show, but I'd sort of assumed that was the fault of the uneven writing. Whatever. *shrug*

Still haven't watched House. I think I'll save it for the weekend or maybe a night when there's nothing on.

Bones was awful last night. I mean, there were some cute moments and all, but overall it was a really clumsy plot, awkwardly written. Eh, that's sort of the joy of it, I think, that some weeks it's awful and others it's surprisingly not awful. And even when it's awful, you've always got Boreanaz being hot and charming and entertaining so it's never a total loss. But next week's episode? Oy. I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to stand to watch them trivialize and stereotype post-Katrina New Orleans and voodoo traditions. If it's anything like the rap episode I may be physically ill.

And what the hell was up on Veronica Mars? Plan B )

In other news, I've been listening the heck out of Patty Griffin's Impossible Dream and I've decided it's the unofficial Firefly soundtrack. Almost every song on that album makes me think of one or more of the characters on that show. And yes, I'm still plugging away at my Firefly fic. Only one and a half acts to write and then I'll have a completed draft.
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The West Wing is about to get crowded

WW casting spoilers ahoy )

Squee! SQUEE! More squee! As if the J/D stuff wasn't enough incentive--I am SO gonna be tuning in for the rest of the season. I'm not gonna like it, I'm sure, but I'll be glued to the TV nonetheless.

Last night's Gilmore Girls was just plain lame. Not stab-myself-in-the-eye hateful like a Daniel Palladino episode, just kinda boring. Bridesmaids Revisited )

Rumors continue to circulate around the internets about Arrested Development and Showtime, but STILL nothing official or even vaguely reliable sounding. Gah. Give me something, people!
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First off, happiest of happy birthday wishes to [livejournal.com profile] mcsister!

Secondly, before I forget, I've been meaning to pimp [livejournal.com profile] carmen_sandiego's Mal/Inara Ficathon. She tells me there's a serious shortage of good Mal/Inara fic in the world, and I believe her, so head over to [livejournal.com profile] truthsome_fic pronto and let's see what we can do to rectify this situation. Only two weeks left until sign-ups close!

On other fronts, there's good news and there's bad news. The first piece of bad news is that my laptop is on the fritz again and Mr. Sus suspects it may be shuffling off this mortal coil. The good news is that later today I'm going over to Best Buy to play with new laptops and see what I like. Yay! New laptop! My old one is three years old and was refurbished when I got it, so it'll be nice to have a zippy new fancy one.

The other good news is that yesterday we made our hotel reservations for Comic-con! SQUEE!!!!! The bad news, however, is that the hotel where we stayed last year and had our various encounters with Joss Whedon was already totally booked. But we've got reservations at the Marriott Gaslamp which looks to be about as nice and nearly as conveniently located, and who knows, maybe Joss will follow us there. (He's totally stalking me, ya'll. Really, he is.)

Oh, and Tuesday's Gilmore Girls was unforgivably bad. Really awful. Blech. Daniel Palladino needs to be strung up by his toes.
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The Serenity trailer is out !!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!! ) Anyone who hasn't seen Firefly--especially those last three episodes that Fox didn't deign to air--needs to go Netflix it. The show could be a little uneven at times, and I have some issues with the Space Ho (TM Mr. Sus), but it was hella fun and the series finale was really, really good.

In other news, Gilmore Girls did not suck last night. Yay! Also? Rory + Logan = Adorableness. And Cooking!Luke is totally hot. Something about the way his hair was curling in the back under his baseball cap last night was extra super yummy.

And for poor [livejournal.com profile] austin360 and anyone else who wants it, here's "Cells" by The Servant (that awesome song from the Sin City trailer). WARNING: this song will get stuck it your head. But it totally rocks, so it's okay.


And since I'm uploading stuff, here's a demo of "Assknocker" by Bob Schneider. WARNING: this song is DIRTY! (In case you couldn't infer that from the title.)

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Whoa! Awful Gilmore Girls last night. Really awful. I won't even bother to use a LJ cut because NOTHING HAPPENED so it wouldn't even be possible to spoil anyone. Not only was the writing lame (hardly a witticism the whole episode, except for Carole King's Garrison Keiller crack), but the directing was flat and even the actors seemed to be just going through the motions. I started to wonder if they were going for some kind of X-Files crossover, because Luke has OBVIOUSLY been replaced by an alien clone. Also, it's been so damn long since we had a new episode that I forgot what the hell was going on. What happened with Rory and Logan? And Paris and Jonathan-from-Buffy (whose name on this show I forget)? And why is Dean pissed at Luke again? Whatever. Yawn.

It makes me want to go write fic, because I'm almost certain I can do better than that.

House )

I went to get my eyes checked yesterday and to get new glasses. I went to this awesome little place that has all these really unique and funky frames. And the doctor (who also owns the shop) was really cool and friendly and helped me pick out my new frames and sunglasses himself. I'm hoping they'll be ready by Friday when [livejournal.com profile] austin360 comes down.

I've also decided I need to find a new hairstylist. The guy I've been going to is really nice and the salon is super close to the house, but I realized the other day that I haven't liked a single cut he's given me. You're supposed to have that awesome pretty feeling right after a new haircut, and I haven't had that in ages. I guess I just keep going to him because he's nice and it's such a pain to find a new stylist you like, but the truth is the guy sucks. I keep trying to tell him what I don't like about my cut and he keeps trying to fix it yet somehow ends up giving me the exact same bad cut. And I'm not 100% happy with my color, either. I like it red, but I think it could look better, somehow.

Oh, and I'm still looking for betas for my bubblefic. I've got two volunteers, but one of them had to be arm-twisted into it, and I can use all the honest feedback I can get.
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The weather has been beyond gorgeous the last two days. Which is great, because for like three weeks before this it was all rain, rain, rain. I never realize how much the weather's getting me down until it turns sunny again and I'm suddenly happy and vigorous and overflowing with energy and motivation. It's crazy.

Gilmore Girls is love )

In other news, the lovely [livejournal.com profile] em_meredith was generous enough to offer me some space on HealthyInterest, so I've been working on getting some of my old fics ready to be posted there. Some of it is stuff that I posted way back in the dark ages (season one of West Wing, anyone?), and some of it is stuff that's never been posted publicly before. I'm hoping it'll help motivate me to finish some of the many, many fics that have been languishing, incomplete, on my hard drive for years.
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More Gilmore Girls )

Haven't had time to watch last night's House yet. If I don't get to it during the day today it's going to have to wait until tomorrow because tonight is Lost/WW night. Yes, I am still watching WW every week. Josh is still hot (even if he's a prick) so shut up.
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Oh my gawd, ya'll... last night's Gilmore Girls? I cried and cried. And cried some more. Lauren Graham is so money, baby, and the Emmy voters are complete fools. I like that both Lorelai and Luke are screwing up, but it's all totally in character and not over-the-top manufactured stupidity. Luke's totally being mean at this point by not giving her a chance to apologize, but he's always been stubborn and sullen with a temper to boot. And that phone message! I was totally sobbing, and wondering how Luke could possibly hear that and not go running to Lorelai... AND THEN HE TOTALLY RAN OVER TO LORELAI'S! Only she was being all proud and aloof at that point, which, frankly, I can't blame her for.

In other exciting news... New Hitchhiker's Guide trailer! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! How cute is Martin Freeman as Arthur? Totally freaking cute!

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