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So, on Tuesday's House, Adam Busch played a clinic patient. And in an episode in November, Tom Lenk played a clinic patient. All they need to do is get Danny Strong on to play a clinic patient and they'll have completed the Buffy Nerd Trio hat trick. Coincidence?

I loved last night's Bones. Like, way more than I know it deserved. The Man on the Fairway )
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Hey, [livejournal.com profile] austin360, the package came yesterday! Squeeeeee! You're the greatest, hon! I watched the extended pilot last night. ::loves:: I need to find me a good Arrested Development icon. Hmmmm...

Speaking of great television, House totally rocked last night. House )

On the sore throat front, it still hurts, but it feels like it's getting better. Still no fever (which would point to strep) or other symptoms (which would point to common cold). I'm at a loss. I'm tempted to call the doctor, but then if it's getting better, I dunno. Bah.
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Thanks to everyone for the hugs and sympathy yesterday. I'm feeling a bit better today. My fever's down, which is a v. good thing, but my throat still hurts like whoa. Sadly, the munchkin's off school today so no wallowing on the couch for me. Yesterday I comforted myself by watching the whole Luke/Lorelai sweeps breakup & makeup arc episodes. I totally fast-forwarded through the first 30 minutes of "Pulp Friction," though, because it's just plain dullsville until Luke puts on that leather jacket. MmmmmmmdateLuke!

NBC's The Office )

Tuesday's House )

Potential Lost casting news )

ETA: Dude, this mood icon perfectly illustrates how my throat feels!
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Watched last night's House this afternoon. Good stuff. And there were no needles poking into eyeballs, so yay. Hugh Laurie was super scrumptious as always, but damn, Jesse Spencer, the guy that plays Dr. Chase? HOT. Why have I not noticed before? Must be all the angst last night with his dad. Guys are so much hotter when they're angsty rather than normal and pleasant.

So, I wonder what else Jesse Spencer's been in. Let's check the IMDb. Lord. He was in Uptown Girls. And... oh god... an Olsen Twins movie. Okay, crush over.

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