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Moving on, Saturday was the day of the Heroes panel, which should have been in the cavernous Hall H, but NBC was apparently afraid that if there were any empty seats they’d look bad, so it was in the way too small Ballroom 20. Which meant that people were lining up at 7:00 a.m. to get in, and since we started the day at Pushing Daisies, we did not get in for Heroes. Which was bad mostly because Ballroom 20 was where all the rest of the good panels were on Saturday, and after waiting in line for a few hours we started to get worried that we weren’t going to be able to get in for any of them.

To illustrate, here’s a five-minute video of someone walking along the entire length of the line. Yes, it’s exactly that exciting. (And I suspect we’re probably in there somewhere, although I watched it through once and didn’t manage to spot us.)

Battlestar Galactica )

Futurama )

Spotlight on Joss Whedon )

Buffy sing-a-long )

A surprisingly good panel )

Cartoon voices )

The Jericho panel I didn’t go to )

Booze cruise! )
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Yes, I know, I’ve been terrible about posting my Comic-con reports in a timely manner. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. I’ve been totally procrastinating and letting myself get distracted (by my obsessive new love for Jericho and by fic writing), but I’m just gonna buckle down and blow through the rest of it today, because there’s some really cool stuff left.

For starters, I realized that I forgot to mention that my tradition of being stalked by Joss Whedon continues. You know how he was in our hotel two years ago? And then last year we switched to a different hotel and didn’t get to see Joss anymore (but Seth Green was down the hall from us and had a lovely chat with the munchkin on the elevator). Well this year we were at the same hotel as last year and lo(!) and behold(!), Joss apparently missed us because he was at the same hotel as us. We saw him twice at breakfast and once on the elevator. I didn’t try to talk to him except for a rather awkward exchange on the elevator where I offered to punch in his floor for him since he seemed to be having trouble locating his room key (which you need to make the elevator buttons work), and he realized he didn’t have his key at all and got off again. Either that or he thought I was a crazy psycho fan trying to suss out what floor he was on and he didn’t want to be trapped in a small metal box with me. Whatever. There were, however, no Seth Green encounters this year, which is a Comic-con first for me. I guess he’s passed the stalking baton back to Joss.

Also (and this is not so much Comic-con related as new fall TV related, but I’m including it here anyway), the lovely B brought a few pilot screeners for us to watch. Sadly, we were so tired most nights we only got to watch one of them. The one we picked to watch was Chuck, because it has Adam Baldwin and because none of us were able to go to the panel for it the next day.

Chuck )

Okay, so back to Comic-con proper. The first panel of the day on Saturday was Pushing Daisies. Ya’ll, this show is FANTASTIC. Everyone must watch it. I’m not kidding. If each and every one of you doesn’t watch this show I will find out and there will be consequences. Dire consequences. It’s almost certainly the best new show of the season. Possibly the best new show of the last two seasons.

Pushing Daisies )
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I think I am the only one on my flist who isn't enjoying Drive, and that makes me sad. I love Tim Minear. I love Nathan Fillion. Putting those two together again should result in something I love, right? I mean, especially if you throw in a dollop of Richard Brooks, a dash of Amy Acker and a sprinkling of Katie Finneran.

Apparently not, because I'm finding the show to be tedious, predictable, mundane and absurd, all rolled into one very unexciting package. Also, every single car chase appears to take place on the exact same stretch of the exact same highway, and it looks about as much like Mars as it does Georgia.

On the other hand, I seem to be having a total Lost renaissance, and I think I am also alone in this. Everyone else I know has stopped watching, which is a shame because I think the show's finally found its stride again.

I've decided to attribute the improvement this season to the addition of Brian K. Vaughan to the writing staff, because not only is he the creator of Runaways, my daughter's most favoritest comic book series ever, but based on this week's episode, the man writes a pretty fine hour of television.

Speaking of Runaways, the munchkin read Joss Whedon's first issue after taking over from Vaughan and she has officially declared it to be exactly as good. Yay, Joss!
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Comic-con Report: Sunday

Okay, I realize this is nearly an entire month overdue, but finally, here it is, the recap of our last day at San Diego Comic-con. Sunday was an easy day, not quite as crowded as the day before and not nearly as crammed with stuff we absolutely had to do.

The day started with a surprise at breakfast. While we were eating in the hotel restaurant, Joss Whedon wandered into the dining room looking for a table. The urge to raise my hand and wave him over to our table was almost overwhelming, but fortunately I restrained myself. And despite the fact that I had been carrying around my Astonishing X-Men book the entire con in the faint hope of an autograph opportunity, I didn't choose to bug him during his breakfast. We did, however, spend the rest of the meal whispering excitedly over the fact that Joss was staying in the same hotel as us.

After that we met up with B and D over at the Convention Center and told them about our latest Joss sighting. Then D and Mr. Sus headed out in search of cool comic books while B, M and I went back to Hall H for the Doom panel.

What business does a wrestling star have in the Riddermark? )

The Lion, the Props and the Effects Supervisor )

Hell Hats to giant yellow monsters )

Joss is totally stalking me )

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