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One of the things I love about my town is that we've got a really strong urban art community. Case in point, Knitta, Please, which started here (and happens to be name-checked in the latest Interweave Knits). So yesterday the munchkin and I were walking the neighbor's dog and what should we see not three houses down from ours?

Clicky )

In other news we're leaving in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow and driving to Florida with the MIL to spend the weekend at the beach in celebration of her 70th birthday. The SIL and new BIL will be joining us, which will make this the longest amount of time I've ever spent with my SIL in the 16 years I've been married to Mr. Sus. The drive is gonna suck, but I'm actually quite excited about the rest of it. Yay beach! And we're spending a night in New Orleans on the way back, which is going to rock. Beignets and cafe au lait here I come! We're also going to stop by Metairie Cemetery and see what I need to do in order to put my mom's ashes in our family tomb. Yes, as a matter of fact she is still in a cardboard box in our closet. That's not weird, is it?

And hopefully, when I get back I'll have even more fic to post! I've been poking through the dusty old drawers of my hard drive and found a couple of fics that are really pretty close to being finished. So I'm just gonna give them a bit of spit and polish (one of them is literally a single paragraph away from being done) and release them into the wild.

I can't believe the munchkin goes back to school in two and half weeks. Where did the summer go?
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I saw this message from a yarn store in Australia posted on another blog and wanted to pass it on to my knitter friends:

Hello Everyone,

Many of you won't be able to read this immediately as you will be the ones most affected by the recent fire storm tragedies here in Victoria. If that is you, my sincerest thoughts are with you and yours. All strength and courage to you.

To everyone else, a small, informal request. It you felt like it, I have given specifications below for a simple knitted moss stitch square in 8 ply double knitting. To anyone with a spare ball and a few hours, would you like to knit a square and send to me? I will be stitching them into rugs and taking them to families I know who are directly affected by the fires. Some have lost not only their homes and businesses but whole families of children and grandchildren. It seemed to me that the kindness of strangers and small acts from their hands may give strength and courage for the journey ahead.

I am more than willing and happy to send a ball of wool to anyone who needs it to make a square and just ask that the colours be those of life and regeneration - greens, blues and the soothing browns of the earth. If you would like to, I would like to add your name (first name only) and where you come from to cards to enclose with the rugs. Please let me know if I can do this on your behalf.

Solidarity Square: On 5mm needles and using any 8 ply (double knitting) wool cast on 39 stitches. Using Moss Stitch ( knit 1 purl 1 knit 1 purl 1 etc all the time, every row) work 21 cm. Cast off. (in Moss Stitch or just knit stitch if you prefer).

Post to PO BOX 518 Mooroolbark 3138 Victoria. I will take photos of the finished rugs and email out before I give them.

Thank you everyone.

Safety and solace,
Corinne at Thicket.
info @ thicket.com.au

I emailed Corinne to make sure she didn't mind if I reposted the info and she added the following:

These rugs will go directly to those affected, not through an agency. I have teed up my Dad to take to his friends who were burnt out, homes, business and families too. Then my old boss and I will go to see families who have lost one time patients of ours and current patients who are pregnant and lost it all. There are others too but it will really help these families to know strength is sent to them in this simple way.

Can I just ask that when you send the square make sure the creators first name and where they come from are pinned to the squares? I am going to do calico cards to stitch to the back of the rug with contributors names written in indelible ink. A lasting greeting of goodwill.

I've already started knitting my squares with some leftover Knit Picks Merino Style (almost done with the first one!). And I thought maybe some of ya'll with knitting blogs and/or a wider readership than my little ole LJ might want to repost as well.

Or you can always make a donation to the Australian Red Cross if you're so moved.
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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day and any other holidays you may celebrate!

Christmas around here was somewhat blighted by a visit from my father-in-law (who is not exactly my favorite person in the world) and his new girlfriend. Overall, it wasn't quite as bad as I feared it would be, but let's just say I'm mighty glad to have my house back to myself again.

This year I decided at the last minute (as in, less than a week before Christmas) to knit gifts for the munchkin and Mr. Sus. And, despite the need for stealth, I actually managed to get them both done in time.

Pictures! )

Also, I'm now a proud member of Ravelry, and totally loving it.

In other news, it's possible I may have seen the Doctor Who Christmas Special. *sigh* Is it time for series four yet?
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Here follows my recap of the Best Trip to L.A. Ever. Featuring famous knitting stores, cake, dead bodies, and Brian Baumgartner (times two!).

[livejournal.com profile] austin360 and I arrived at LAX Thursday afternoon, found [livejournal.com profile] mikijean and checked into our hotel. Then we spent a delightful evening with [livejournal.com profile] tlbelle, [livejournal.com profile] bgirlla, and [livejournal.com profile] ja_is_my_muse, full of catching up, knitting and dinner at Versailles (mmmmCubanfood).

Friday morning we all met up for a late breakfast/lunch at an adorable little place near Beverly Hills. While we were there, Rachel Nichols walked in and we spent a few minutes trying to remember what shows we'd all seen her on. Then, a few minutes later, Brian Baumgartner arrived and sat down at a table near us, which was a weird coincidence because we were going to be seeing him at the Paley Festival later that night. We also spotted Janine Turner walking by with bright red hair, so already we were off to a terrific start at celebrity bingo.

Yarn! )

After that we chilled and knit for a while until it was time to head out for dinner. We decided to eat at the Farmer's Market at The Grove, and on the way to meet up with the others we're pretty sure we walked by Ashlee Simpson and her new nose. And then when we did meet up with the others they said we'd just missed Eric Millegan, which was another totally weird coincidence because some of us were going to be seeing him again later on the Bones set that night. It's like fate! Also, I had some truly fantastic crepes for dinner. Seriously, I haven't had crepes this good since I was in Paris.

The Office! )

Bones! )

Other fun stuff )
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While I've been not updating the few couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of reading (I've re-read half of the collected works of Jane Austen thus far) and a lot of knitting. And I finally got it together enough to take some pictures and upload them.

Knitting! )
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Taggers strike Montrose with knitted graffiti

Their movement had started small, with a knitted cover on the door handle of a Montrose boutique, then a cover for the pole of a nearby stop sign at the corner of Dunlavy and Hawthorne. Reaction to the pieces was immediate and positive. The two founders took graffiti names, AKrylik and PolyCotN, and ran with it, forming a crew and calling it Knitta, Please!

Is my town cool or what? *wonders what my griffiti knitter alias should be*

Famous-type person Elijah Wood brutally accosted by that most lethal of coffee shop denizens, the sketchy, pitch-happy "producer"

Then the "producer" dude actually had the nerve to say to Frodo, "So, do you live around here?" Frodo was trapped into explaining that no, he lives in Venice, but his mom was at a hairdresser's up the street. How cute is that?? Not only does he hang out with his MOM while she's getting her hair done but even fetches her coffee!! (Hmmm. Maybe he's gay after all.)

Fox counters the CW with its own new network

Seriously, could they have come up with a potential line-up that sounds less appealing to me? I think not.

Gaucho pants are back?

Really? Really? Are you sure you want to do that? I've still got pictures from the last time they were in style, and I can assure you that's one fashion trend you are gonna regret in five to ten years. Or even six weeks.

And in the Department of Awwwww: Brokeback shirts go for $100,000

"They really are the ruby slippers of our time," said Gregory, 45. A longtime gay activist, Gregory plans to keep the shirts "as they were, on the hanger, entwined. I would never wear them, put them on, or separate them."
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I've got a question for all you knitters on my flist. In the interest of combining my two favorite pastimes--knitting and fandom--I want to make the adorable knit hat that Veronica Mars wore in "One Angry Veronica."

Click for picture )

The pattern looks pretty straightforward (although I'm a little iffy on what kind of decreases to do to give it that sorta poofy look on top, so advice on that would be welcomed). My big question is about the yarn. Any of you guys recognize it or know of one that looks similar? I'm thinking that it's some kind of variegated bulky wool, yes? Or maybe it's super bulky? If you want more pics of it, there's a gallery of caps from the scene here.

One more day 'til I leave for Sundance! Whee! (Ask me if my laundry's done.)
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A Post for the New Year in Bullet Points:

- Happy 2006! May all your wishes for the new year come true, and may it be happier than 2005.

- Christmas in the Sus household was lovely and mostly stress-free. Plus, I got lots of sweet loot, mostly in the form of a giant stack of DVDs (mostly television shows), so I can knit and watch my way through 2006.

- New Years was wonderful, what with a visit from [livejournal.com profile] austin360 and dutch and dutch's friend J who was delightful. We ate way too much good food, saw Bob Schneider (Bob!), went to Austin, saw [livejournal.com profile] austin360's brother's band play in a skeezy biker bar, came back to Houston and spent a lovely New Year's eve watching Sports Night (shoe money tonight!), playing poker and listening to Richard (the friend who stayed with us during Hurricane Rita) play guitar.

- Also, weirdly, I don't think I've ever mentioned here that Richard's actually been living with us for like the last three months. He broke up with his old girlfriend and needed a place to stay until he could work out another living arrangement and he's just now moved into his new place. I guess I never posted about it because he used my computer all the time and therefore had access to my LJ and I would have felt weird if he'd seen that I was writing about him. He was a completely inoffensive house guest and the munchkin adored him, so it was no biggie, but it's nice to have it be just us in the house again. And to be able to fill up the guest room with crap, because everyone knows that's what guest rooms are really for.

- After months of labor, I managed to finish [livejournal.com profile] austin360's Gryffindor scarf in time for Christmas, and it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. I may make myself a Slytherin scarf one day, but I need to take a break from the tedium of scarves for a while. Pic! )

- I finished my Bubblefic! Go me! Now I just need to let it sit overnight before I take a last pass at it. And if anyone has time to do a quick beta pass for me I'd be most indebted. (It's BSG if that matters.)

- Save Our Bluths was the most awesome potential last episode of a television series ever aired. By the time Judge Reinhold walked in I actually had to pause the TiVo so I could clutch my stomach and try to recover from laughing so hard.

- I'm making a big pot of chili, despite the fact that it's currently 79 degrees outside. Ah, winter in Texas.

That is all.
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It's done and I did it!

The sweetest hat ever )
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I finally got around to taking pictures of some of my recently finished knitting projects to post. I made the munchkin model for me because all of my hats look about a thousand times cuter on her than they do on me, what with her being so damn cute and all.

Here are the wristbands I made for myself and the munchkin:

They had stars upon thars! )

The pattern's from Stitch 'n' Bitch. On the munchkin's I used good old fashioned Red Heart yarn, but on mine I experimented with Lion Brand Microspun, which is super soft but doesn't hold its shape as well as I'd like.

Then I made myself a roll brim hat using this pattern and Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in Chianti:

Wine-colored hat )

Unfortunately, I learned on this project that I have a bigger-than-average noggin (note to self: measure head BEFORE you cast on) so it's a bit too small for me.

So then I made a fuzzy purple one using Bernat Soft Boucle that's a little bigger and fits me much better:

Fuzzy hat )

I also made a ribbed knit hat and scarf set for Mr. Sus, but I haven't gotten him to pose for a picture in them yet.

But today, I embark upon my most ambitious knitting project to date...

The Cunning Hat!

Pretty cunning hat, dontcha think? )

Those of you who are Firefly fans know that in "The Message" Jayne gets a ridiculous hand knit hat from his mama, which he proudly wears throughout the entire episode. The first thing Mr. Sus asked me when I took up knitting was if I could make him a Cunning Hat.

So, after doing some research on the internet and studying the freeze-framed DVD, I think I'm finally ready to embark upon the Cunning Hat project. I found a pattern here, and have settled on Lamb's Pride Bulky in Sunset Gold, Autumn Harvest and Rust for the yarn. The only part I'm a bit iffy on is picking up the stitches for the ear flaps. I've read several explanations of how to do this, and not a single one makes any sense to me. So I may have to hook up with a knitting group or beg someone at my local yarn store to help me out with that part when I get to it.

I'll keep ya'll updated on my progress, because I just know you're all dying to hear about it.
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I can't believe it's almost July. Which means only about two weeks until San Diego Comic-con! I'm so excited! I totally can't wait, even if I do have about a million things to do before we leave. Where the hell did June go and how did I miss it?

The official trailer for Elizabethtown is up now. I gotta say, it looks pretty damn good. And Orlando's accent isn't as bad as I'd feared. Also? Judy Greer!

I started knitting last week. My mom taught me to knit when I was a kid, but I lost interest after making the requisite pot holder and haven't done it since. But one of the things I found when I was cleaning out my mom's house a few weeks ago was her old knitting bag (complete with an unfinished sweater she started sometime in the late '70s) and I decided to give it another try. I picked up a copy of Stitch 'n' Bitch when we were at Book People last weekend and dove in. I wasn't too sure about trying to learn knitting from a book, but as soon as I had the yarn on the needle it was totally as if my fingers remembered what to do after all these years. Yay for muscle memory! I made a chunky, multicolored scarf for the munchkin in a couple of evenings without incident. And then I managed to teach myself to purl, which I'd never done before, and now I'm working on my second project: a ribbed knit scarf for Mr. Sus.

I'm finding that knitting is perfect for summertime, because I can do it while watching reruns and crappy reality shows on TV. Also DVD commentaries. Basically anything that I don't feel the need to watch closely, which is pretty much everything that's on TV during the summer. And I expect I'll be able to do a lot of knitting while I'm hanging out in various lines at Comic-con, too.

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