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Do not suspect that I TiVoed The OC last night just for the new Star Wars trailer. Except that I totally did.

Pathetic Episode III rambling )

I'm off in a few hours for sunny California to hang with my girls! And tomorrow night... LOST PANEL AT PALEY!!!! Woot! I'll try to post a report, but since I'm not getting back until Monday night it'll probably have to wait until then.
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If you don't mind being utterly (and I mean utterly) spoiled for the new Star Wars movie, check out this collection of spoiler pics featuring a hilarious running commentary that's almost certainly far better than the actual film will be.

Excerpt: Oh, no! They must fight Dooku! Our heroes have emerged from an army of spindly robots only to have to battle a 78 year-old man.

If you still you harbor any small hope of actually enjoying Episode III, then you'd best keep away, however, because after looking at all of these pics I hardly feel the need to see the movie anymore. Except that of course I do need to see the movie, because George Lucas is evil and even though I despise him and what he has done to my movies, I cannot look away.

ETA: LiveJournal's spellcheck doesn't recognize the word "dialogue"? WTF?

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