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So, um, not that I think anyone here has any interest whatsoever in crossposting my stuff or their comments on my stuff to Bookface or Twitter, but just case ... don't.

Facebook is Wayne Industries and this is the Bat Cave, right? And you don't ever invite Vicki Vale into the Bat Cave. Or, in non-comic book parlance, Facebook is the online face of my RL persona for the benefit of old school friends, work acquaintances, family, neighbors, etc., and I don't want it linked to this journal. Since you're all in the Justice League with me, I'm assuming you already knew that.

My LJ posts usually aren't locked only because it's unlikely any of my RL friends or family or people on Facebook will be able to connect this journal to me. I don't mind if LJ friends know my real name and friend me on Facebook, but respect the boundaries, yo. Ya'll are the privileged confidants with whom I share my fan fic, fangirly squee and personal stories. Don't break the bonds of that confidence. And wear your Clark Kent glasses when we're socializing with civilians.

Twitter's more of a gray area, because it's mostly ya'll I follow on there and right now none of my RL friends or family have found my Twitter account. But it is conceivable that eventually some of them might end up there, so, you know, just use your best judgment. I trust you guys and I'm pretty sure we're all in the same place on this stuff, so I'm not really fussed about it, but I thought it was worth clarifying just in case.

In other news, I have been rocking so hard on my X-Men fic (like 12,000 words in a week kind of rocking) that I am seriously contemplating signing up for [livejournal.com profile] syfybigbang. I've got the beginnings of a Warehouse 13/Leverage crossover I've been wanting to get down on paper and I think this might a good excuse to do it and get some pretty art to boot. I've always longed to have pretty art to go with my fics! And speaking of the X-Men fic, I am going to post the first chapter soon, but I decided to wait until after Dragon*Con. Posting a new fic when a goodly percentage of your target audience is out of town at a con seems kind of pointless.

Also, following [livejournal.com profile] zandras_court's lead, I have decided to use Arrested Development quotes for my post titles from now on. Until I get tired of it. Bees!
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So, randomly, I have two pieces of X-Men related news.

Halloween costumes )

The second piece of X-Men news is that I've been working on an X-Men fan fic for the last week instead of writing, you know, important stuff like the novel I'm supposed to be working on. I just got really stuck on the novel, to the point that not only could I not get the words onto the page, but I couldn't even REMEMBER what it was like like to be ABLE to get words on the page. So that's bad.

Extended rambling about writing and X-sex and stuff )
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So this morning I went to the post office and mailed off my Bones spec to the Disney/ABC Writing Fellowship. There's like no way in the world I'm going to get in, but it feels good just to put it out there. Yay me!

And now that that's done, I was thinking that I have a lot of almost-finished fics sitting on my hard drive for various fandoms and maybe I should just dig in, finish them all up and post them, whether they're the masterpieces I originally envisioned or not. I've got a Buffy, a Firefly, a couple of LOTR, and several Angel stories that are within spitting distance of being done. Hmmm. Maybe that'll be my project for next week.

Also this morning, while I was out walking, "Tubthumping" came on my iPod (don't judge me for my Chumbawamba), and it occurred to me that it would make a seriously awesome song for an Office fanvid. One of ya'll should really get on that so I can watch it.
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I have officially finished the first draft of my Bone spec! Go me! And on a new Bones day, no less. I've got to make another pass for proofreading but after that it'll be ready to go out for beta reading. Anyone want to volunteer? Some of you are being conscripted, whether you want to or not, but if there's anyone else out there who wants to lend a hand just leave a comment with your email addy.
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So, I've been writing a lot lately. Go me! I'm working on two different projects right now, which might be a bad idea, but actually seems to be working out pretty well so far. Whenever I start to get frustrated or sick of one, I can just go back to working on the other and it keeps me energized.

One of these projects is a Bones spec script that I've been working on with the generous assistance of [livejournal.com profile] zandras_court. She spent like an hour and half on the phone with me the other night, holding my hand and leading me through some of the forensic issues. And now I've got what I hope is a working outline. And I'm about to do something I've never done before--let people read my outline. It's scary, letting people see something that's unfinished and still in the early stages, but Jane Espenson recommends it in her blog, because it's much easier to catch and fix mistakes at this stage.

So, this is a call for help to all you Bones peeps out there on my flist. I need readers who are familiar with the show to look over my outline and give me honest feedback. If you've got the time/inclination, comment below and I'll email you (include your email if it's not on your LJ user info page).
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Okay, I can't make up my mind about something in a fic I'm working on, so I decided to take a poll and go with whatever ya'll say. I'm working on the next installment of my post-"Not Fade Away" Angel series. When we left our heroes they were driving west after leaving L.A. and Wolfram & Hart behind them. I want them to (eventually) start fresh in a new town but... I can't for the life of me decide where. Seriously, I've changed my mind back and forth so many times that Word is starting to grumble under its breath. It's a stupid thing to get bogged down on, but I keep second-guessing myself and I just need to settle it once and for all and finish the damn fic.

The choice is essentially between two cities: Houston and New Orleans. For character/story reasons I want it to be one of those two. Here's what I'm wrestling with:


Pros: Because it's my hometown I'll be able to give the story an authentic setting without spending a lot of time researching.
Cons: Because it's my hometown it's just too damn Mary Sue.

New Orleans

Pros: The vampire/NOLA thing is ripe for skewering. And New Orleans is just plain awesome.
Cons: The vampire/NOLA thing has been done to death. And after the tragedy of Katrina it somehow feels... weird to set a fanfic there.

I'm leaving it entirely in ya'lls capable hands. And no, you don't need to have read the first part of the fic (or even know anything about Angel) to have an opinion.

[Poll #663912]
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So, I'm currently toying with a couple of fic ideas and I have a couple of random questions I need help with...

1. Was there or was there not a BSG ep where Apollo was in the shower? If so, which one? Also, any other scenes that take place in the Galactica bathrooms/locker rooms would be helpful. (Can ya'll guess what this is for? *whistles innocently*)

2. I'm desperately in need of examples of famous love triangles in literature. Preferably two guys competing over a girl, a la Pretty in Pink, but, you know, older and in a book (or play).

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