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The munchkin (I'm still calling her that, btw) has been away on a school trip all week, leaving me to ramble about the house by myself all day. It's an interesting preview of what it's going to be like when she goes away to college. In only six years. *heart flutter* Empty nest syndrome here I come.

All this peace and quiet has given me lots of time to write and I've been taking advantage of it. I've got five solid chapters of the X-Men fic so far, but then I got stuck on a boring but necessary exposition dump in chapter six that I've got to get through somehow (or figure out a way around) and started to falter a bit.

But instead of just giving up (which is my usual M.O.) I started browsing through all the old, unfinished fics languishing on my hard drive. And then I got inspired to dive back into this old Angel fic I found. I think I actually started writing this thing in 2005 or some shit, and it was a tangled mess of revisions because every time I've gone back to it over the years I've taken a slightly different tack. But the last couple of days I've managed to sift through it all and mold it into a cohesive story and actually finish writing the damn thing. That's right, I FINISHED something. This is huge for me, because I am not so good with the finishing. Well, I'm about a paragraph short of being finished. I've written to the end of the story, but I still need to come up with those last few lines that tie it up in a nice bow and put it to bed, if you know what I mean. And somehow they're just not coming to me, which makes me worry that it means there's something wrong with the story. I also need to go through and do one final pass of revisions, which, since the thing is almost 13,000 words, is gonna take some time. And I've got an idea for two follow-up fics, one of which is a Twilight parody. Unfortunately, I think I might actually have to, you know, read Twilight in order to parody it properly, and I'm not sure I'm willing to do that.

Funny how, of all the fandoms I've dabbled in over the years, the one I never seem to get tired of writing is Angel. It's like my fic comfort food. Maybe because the first writing I ever felt proud of, like I'd actually managed to do something good, was an Angel fic. It's like it opened to the door to everything I've written since.

Anyway, speaking of fandom, the new TV season (note to self: SET DVRs!) is upon us and I have to say, I'm not feeling especially optimistic about any of it. There aren't any new shows that sound like they're going to be awesome. There's usually at least one or two shows that surprise me by turning out to be good, so I'm curious to see what, if any, that will be this year.

I have at least found one new show I love: Terriers on FX. It's a kind of a Rockford Files homage with gruffly lovable characters and vaguely Whedonesque banter. It actually reminds me a bit of Firefly, if Firefly had been set in a beach town instead of on a spaceship. You know what it is? It's Firefly crossed with Psych! Only slightly gritter, 'cause it is FX, after all. And hey, look, Tim Minear is an exec producer! Plus, I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a longstanding crush on Donal Logue. He's on my "No Really, I'd Totally Hit That" List, along with Eddie Izzard and Oliver Platt. Me likes the funny boys.

The only returning shows I'm really excited about are my three favorites from last season: Community, Cougartown, and Justified. I worry that Community and Cougartown aren't going to make it to season three, so I'm going to have to enjoy them while I still can. Seriously, ya'll, if you're not watching these two FANTASTIC comedies, what is WRONG with you? Can I get a what what? HOLLA!
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Title: “More Human Than Human”
Fandom: X-Men (Movieverse)
Summary: “Try to look protective,” she whispered. “There’s a deranged mutant on the loose, remember?”
Rating: R

Chapter One: Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls

Chapter Two: Two-Lane Blacktop )
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Here, as promised, is the first chapter of the X-Men fic I've been working on. I've got the first five chapters written, and a couple more floating around in my head. It's kind of a serialized, ongoing storyline, so I don't really know where it'll take me.

Title: “More Human Than Human”
Fandom: X-Men (Movieverse)
Summary: Logan probably wouldn’t even have noticed the girl if it hadn’t been for the purple hair.
Rating: R
Notes: I started writing this story way back in 2001, after the first X-Men movie came out. I've since updated it to incorporate the events of X2, and it picks up several months after that movie ends. The events of The Last Stand haven't happened, nor will they in this alternate version of the universe, but I did incorporate some of the canon presented in that film where it suited me. As for that Wolverine Origins movie, I've tried to be vague enough that you could take it or leave it however you prefer. You'll also notice I've brought in a character from the comics who hasn't appeared in the movies yet (I don't care what Brett Ratner says, that was not her in X3), rebooting and reinventing her on my own terms. And I may bring in some other folks from the comics eventually.

Chapter One: Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks and Cannibal Girls )
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So, randomly, I have two pieces of X-Men related news.

Halloween costumes )

The second piece of X-Men news is that I've been working on an X-Men fan fic for the last week instead of writing, you know, important stuff like the novel I'm supposed to be working on. I just got really stuck on the novel, to the point that not only could I not get the words onto the page, but I couldn't even REMEMBER what it was like like to be ABLE to get words on the page. So that's bad.

Extended rambling about writing and X-sex and stuff )

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