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In which I go on ad nauseum about Lost (and possibly use a Lost icon for the very last time). Feel free to skip on by if you don't care.

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Last night was our Bones episode! And by ours I mean the one they were shooting while we were on set. The Angela/Cam/Zack scene in the autopsy room with the Igor line? We were totally standing in Angela's office while they were shooting that scene! And in the bone room, and up on the catwalk, and in the ookey room, and in Brennan's office. We were sort of sneaking around all over place in between takes and then freezing or ducking out of site whenever the camera started rolling. The camera I got to touch, by the way. Too cool.

And I was not entirely surprised to find that the scene fell just as flat in the context of the aired episode as it did when we heard it on set. But otherwise I enjoyed the episode. Oh, who am I kidding, I squeed like a dolphin through large chunks of it. I have more love for Hodgins every week.

Lost was also totally kick ass last night. It was the first time in a while that I've really liked Locke. Teaming him up with Sawyer made for some really great scenes.
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I think I am the only one on my flist who isn't enjoying Drive, and that makes me sad. I love Tim Minear. I love Nathan Fillion. Putting those two together again should result in something I love, right? I mean, especially if you throw in a dollop of Richard Brooks, a dash of Amy Acker and a sprinkling of Katie Finneran.

Apparently not, because I'm finding the show to be tedious, predictable, mundane and absurd, all rolled into one very unexciting package. Also, every single car chase appears to take place on the exact same stretch of the exact same highway, and it looks about as much like Mars as it does Georgia.

On the other hand, I seem to be having a total Lost renaissance, and I think I am also alone in this. Everyone else I know has stopped watching, which is a shame because I think the show's finally found its stride again.

I've decided to attribute the improvement this season to the addition of Brian K. Vaughan to the writing staff, because not only is he the creator of Runaways, my daughter's most favoritest comic book series ever, but based on this week's episode, the man writes a pretty fine hour of television.

Speaking of Runaways, the munchkin read Joss Whedon's first issue after taking over from Vaughan and she has officially declared it to be exactly as good. Yay, Joss!
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Ya'll, Lost was actually fully awesome last night. Not in that mind-breaking "Walkabout" kind of way, but just in a fun, hilariously meta, pretty much completely standalone and yet it totally works kind of way. Billy Dee Williams, people! Need I say more?

The producers have been saying for months that we just had to wait for the Nikki & Paolo episode, because it was going to be great and then we'd get why these two losers were taking up our screen space. Yeah, right, whatever. Only they were kinda right.

All the in-jokes, the recreated flashbacks with long-dead cast members (Arzt!), the genre-parodying cheese. It's not "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" or anything, but it might have almost been "Small Potatoes." Okay, maybe not quite that awesome, but it was at least "Hollywood A.D." Shut up, I liked that episode. It and "Je Souhaite" were my only rewards for struggling through the miasma that was season seven of the X-Files.

Anyhoo, I guess this means I'm officially back on the Lost train. 'Cause I've actually really been enjoying it this season. And until something better gets scheduled opposite it, what the hell else am I gonna do with my time?
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So, I, um, kind of totally enjoyed last night's Lost. What's up with that? I mean, I liked it so much I sort of wanna go watch it again.

I think possibly it's just been so long since I'd watched it that I forgot exactly how hot and awesome Sawyer is. And Jack wasn't nearly as infuriating as usual. And it's possible I may be developing a little girl-crush on Juliet and I don't even know WHERE that came from.

Plus, and this, I think is key, when I haven't watched it in a long time, I forget exactly how well-scripted it is, and how beautifully shot, and how amazing the score is. I have to say that I continue to be enamored of the weekly character flashback school of storytelling, at least when the flashbacks are even mildly interesting. No matter its flaws (and they are GRAVE), compared to the clumsy, hackneyed writing on many of the shows I've been watching (Heroes, Bones, Studio 60, and even Veronica Mars nowadays), Lost still manages to be the cream of the crop.

If I'm not mistaken, however, I believe last night's episode went and made mpreg canon in the Lostverse. No, really. I shudder to think of the badfic that will ensue.
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I'm siiiiiiiiick. *whine* Stupid summer colds. My sinuses feel like they're stuffed with cotton balls soaked in Tabasco sauce. And I owe [livejournal.com profile] mikijean an email and [livejournal.com profile] carmen_sandiego beta comments, but it's all going to have to wait until my head clears up and I can think straight again.

On the bright side, the Bones finale last night was Squeelicious! Angst, crying, hugging, protectiveness, jealousy, hurrah! Of all the finales I cared about, this one was probably the least disappointing. Okay, so I don't expect much from Bones, so it doesn't have far to go to meet my expectations. The Grey's Anatomy finale was kind of annoying, West Wing was predictably meh, and Veronica Mars had moments of brilliance tempered by some pretty disappointing problems. I don't even count Gilmore Girls in the list of shows I care about any more.

Last night I watched Lost for lack of anything better to do. It felt like I haven't missed anything in the weeks that have passed since I stopped watching--because almost NOTHING HAS HAPPENED to advance the plot in any way. This is why I stopped watching this show. Also the fact that it's essentially degenerated into a bunch of people yelling at each other on a beach and generally failing to interact or communicate in any meaningful or interesting ways. Mild spoilers for last night )
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So, um, Veronica Mars last night... wow. Spoilers for last night ahoy )

As for Lost... didn't watch it, didn't TiVo it, didn't tape it. That's the first time that's happened since the pilot aired. And I find I don't miss it at all.

Instead, I taped Bones during VM. Dude. The Mayor was on! Angel and the Mayor, together again, just like old times. *happy sigh* It was a pretty awesome episode, too. Not good (because when is Bones actually "good"?), but fun in all the right ways.

Oh, and there's some West Wing spoilers for the rest of the season here. For those of you who don't care enough to read the whole article, here are the highlights:

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Dear Jack,

Die! Die! DIE! And while you're at it, could you please die?

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I'm so excited, ya'll! Finally, after almost two years of being at loose ends, I've gone and found myself a new fandom! Ever since the last LOTR movie came out I've been sort of between fandoms, wandering around, trying out different things, searching for something new to obsess about. I got into Buffy/Angel last year, but it's hard to really dive into a fandom that's essentially over before you even join. And while there are a lot of shows on right now that I really enjoy, none of them have ever quite flipped my crazy fangirl switch. Until now.

Yesterday I finished up the last of the Veronica Mars season one DVDs from Netflix and it's official: I'm in lurve. Really, really in lurve. I adore everything about this show unreservedly. And I've even got a ship! It's been years since there was a ship on TV that I really cared about. Yep, I'm a Logan/Veronica girl now.

I've been catching up on season two as fast as I can, and this morning I officially bumped my VM season pass to the top slot. So long, Lost! It's been nice knowing ya! Well, okay, I'll probably set the VCR to catch Lost for me, but it's definitely been downgraded to second string.
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Well, NaNoWriMo is officially done and I... didn't exactly do it. But I got a little past halfway and I didn't quit, so I'm gonna be optimistic and call this a win. *does the Dance of Joy* Final count is...

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
27,204 / 50,000

I can't even tell you how happy and relieved I feel today, knowing that I don't have to work on that hateful novel anymore.

So, Lost... my non-spoilery opinion is that it was the first episode I've enjoyed in a while, and I think it was because they stayed focused on the castaways we know and love and they finally dealt with some of the hatch weirdness. Also, I didn't have to listen to Ana Lucia yelling at anyone so I didn't once have the urge to jab a fork into my eye.

I was thinking about it (and I'm unspoiled so this is just random, out-of-my-ass speculation) and so far they've killed off the two characters who were initially the most annoying to me... Boone and Snickerbitch (which, by the way, I think is pretty considerate of them). So if they continue following this pattern, Jack will be the next to die, followed by Ana Lucia. One can only hope. And Claire, you better get off the brat track you've been on lately 'cause I've got you in my sights.
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The munchkin's learning to play the recorder in music class and yesterday she brought hers home to practice. Lemme tell you, people, you haven't lived until you've heard a six-year-old play "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the recorder... 1100 times.

Watched the "Lost" clip show last night, mostly just to see what clips they chose to show in what order and if it would offer any clues to what's coming up. Didn't really have any epiphanies, but it was nice to get a little recaplet, because I'd kind of forgotten some of the key plot reveals in older episodes. And was that Brian Cox narrating or what? Weight or no weight, I think he would have made a fine Aslan.

"Eyes" continues to rock. Tim Daly is teh hot and the writing is snappy and fun. I'm loving this show more and more every week.

The munchkin developed a bad sore throat in the night, so she's staying home from school today and going to the doctor. I have a bad feeling it's gonna turn out to be strep, although she has no fever so maybe not. She's better this morning, at least. Poor kid was miserable last night.

Oh, and apparently Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are dating now. It's a world gone mad, yo.
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So the promo pics for the next new episode of Lost are up. Charlie + baby = SQUEEEE!!!! If Sayid or Sawyer ever pick that baby up I may actually die.

I caught up on a few eps of Scrubs that I'd TiVoed. My god, I love that show. I can almost never watch it, thanks to the television juggernaut that is Tuesday nights at 8/9. But no other show on TV can so reliably make me laugh my ass off and cry my eyes out in one half-hour episode.
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Thanks to everyone for the hugs and sympathy yesterday. I'm feeling a bit better today. My fever's down, which is a v. good thing, but my throat still hurts like whoa. Sadly, the munchkin's off school today so no wallowing on the couch for me. Yesterday I comforted myself by watching the whole Luke/Lorelai sweeps breakup & makeup arc episodes. I totally fast-forwarded through the first 30 minutes of "Pulp Friction," though, because it's just plain dullsville until Luke puts on that leather jacket. MmmmmmmdateLuke!

NBC's The Office )

Tuesday's House )

Potential Lost casting news )

ETA: Dude, this mood icon perfectly illustrates how my throat feels!
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Oh, I remembered one other slightly cool thing from the Lost panel. Someone asked if they were ever going to do any episodes about what's going on back in the real world with the people the characters left behind. J.J. said they might, and actually they'd at one point tried to do this opening sequence that involved sad shots of overflowing mailboxes and abandoned cars in empty parking lots to suggest the people who'd never come home. It sounded really cool, but he said it was too esoteric and they were afraid people wouldn't get it.

Pics of the Lost cast )
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Hey all! I'm back from partly-cloudy L.A.! I so wish I'd been able to stay longer. Had an amazing time visiting the girls. Saw Big Pussy at Jerry's Deli. Bought an awesome vinyl jacket at It's a Wrap (yes, I said vinyl--shut up, it's French), as well as cute t-shirts (one says "Bitch" and the other says "I love Jane Austen") and Kenneth Cole shoes. Went to Bride & Prejudice (the girls all LOVED it as much as I do). Was appropriately awestruck by Amoeba and bought gifts for hubby and munchkin plus Bride & Prejudice soundtrack for me. Not to mention the Lost panel Saturday night... So. Much. Pretty! *swoon*

Lost scoop - including one sorta vague spoiler that's already been around for a while )
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Ya'll, my dad called me no less than eleven times yesterday. No lie. All because he needs to get a new dishwasher and he's trying to kill himself (and me) with his obsessive need to over-complicate the whole process. Today, I am so totally going to Sears and buying a dishwasher and having it delivered to his damn house. Surprise, dad!

Lost )

West Wing )

P.S. I'm not really feeling crazy today, I just love that picture and wanted to use it.
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I will not read the Lost spoilers. I will not read the Lost spoilers. I will not read the Lost spoilers. I will not read the Lost spoilers. I will not read the Lost spoilers. I will NOT read the Lost spoilers.
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